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Students Against the WASL

Class of 2008's WASL Boycott

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Are you concerned about the education crisis? Do you belive that the WASL is a waste of time and money? Do you know there is something you can do about it?

Yes, that's right- there is something you can do about it.
Join the Class of 2008's WASL boycott!
Why? The WASL has many faults, and we need to do something about it!
  1. All students in the class of 2008 will be required to pass the WASL in order to graduate no matter who they are, or what level of learning they have reached, even though less than sixty percent of students passed all three sections of the WASL last year.
  2. Correct answers are determined by individuals, and only after the answers are read.
  3. The WASL costs 14 times as much to grade than any other standardized test. This has already wasted millions in education funds- funds that could have been used for you, the student.
  4. The WASL wastes valuable class time that could be used for instruction.
  5. WASL grading is at most unreliable. This has been shown through nemerous tests having to be re-evaluated due to faulty grading, at the cost of millions to the state.
  6. Many schools have changed their curriculum to foster the WASL requirements, and teach "thinking skills" at the expense of basic computiation skills.
  7. Parents and teachers cannot acsess the graded test to see if there is a mistake in the scoring, although a students ability to graduate is on the line!

These problems are only the beginning! To see a list of 41 more reasons click below.

Student's Rights: With parent permission, students can legally opt out of the WASL. Currentley, there is no law that requires a student to take the WASL.

So, do you have questions? Or do you want to start a boycott at your school? Just send us a note, and we'll get you started up with buttons, stickers and other materials. Go to "Home" and click on our e-mail adress.

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It's time to flush out the WASL!

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