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Students Against the WASL

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AIE looks to a bright future in which education has a higher priority than purchasing missiles for widscale destruction. A well-educated public serves not only a truer democracy, but its own self-interest, through wiser business and personal decision-making. Students are encouraged to seek more information from sources beyond the school, which serves as a base for their intensely personal exploration of the universe and all within it. Greater freedom, true democracy, educational reform, and a super-educated public are among AIEs fundamental values.

The United States has always pursued better ways to educate its offspring, acknowledging their status as the future of the nation. It is widely recognized that in a democratic nation like the United States, the education of the public is essential to the success of the democratic political system, economy, social organisation, and so on.

With each generation has come new ways to educate, each struggling to cope with new technologies and ways of life which complicate not only what we teach, but the ways in which this massive amount of information is fed into our children.

In recent years, education has improved dramatically and on a global scale, largely attributable to these complications. With the advent of the information age, students, teachers, and the general public has been on the verge of an information overload as they find themselves learning daily, often unconsciously.

But as we labour to give our children the best education possible, it is not uncommon to, on occasion, come upon a solution which causes more problems than it solves. As we have so dangerously discovered as a result of the September 11th terrorist attacks, an uneducated people is a perilous group that poses a grave threat to the world at large.

Education reform is not a new idea, but its widespread consequences have never before been so broadly felt. The reformist movement is meant to encourage and improve on education, making sure each student learns and can become a productive member of the society which supported him or her. In recent years, an even greater effort on both the national and regional levels has pushed education beyond previous boundaries and into a brave new world.

Together, the membership of the AIE look out at this new world much as our forefathers might have looked at their new world: with awe, inspired by its potential; with hope, knowing that its future is, as yet, undetermined; and with satisfaction, knowing that we all have the ability to shape this place for the betterment of mankind. Each member of the AIE can wake up in the morning knowing that he or she has positively influenced the future, a future we all will share.

Our Mission

AIE's mission:
To ensure the adequate, thorough education of all children, no matter sex, race, creed, or monetary status, nationwide.

To review schools and provide an information network for parents, students, the community, and others, and to provide suggestions for schools in order that they might improve their standing.

To provide an arena for creative thoughts and proposals to be brought into the public view, pondered, and considered for legislation.

To report on education globally and nationally through its publication of Global Scholar, an annual review of education and related issues.

To support positive educational reform and those who bring it about, and to help bring about public support for broad educational reform programmes.

To unite students, staff, community, and government, thus enhancing communications and therefore educational productivity.

To enhance the international scholastic system through studies of both effective and ineffective educational structures throughout the world and to encourage the education of all school-age children of the international community.

Becoming a Member

If you would like to recive more information, or would like to join AIE, email us below to see how.

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