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Students Against the WASL

How can I help to make a positive education reform within my community?
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What can we do to improve our schools?
  • Create localized assessments
  • Work on effective communication
  • Have more parental envolvement
  • Create a more simplified bureaucracy
  • Demand administrative accountability

A letter to parents from Juanita Doyon, Head of MAW:
Join the WASL Boycott!

So far, I have had boycott statements printed in the letter to the editor columns of the (Tacoma) News Tribune and The Seattle Times.  I have two 7th graders, whose class will take WASL tests next spring.  I will keep them home during testing.  Is this legal?  Yes.  Law states schools must administer WASL tests.  It is silent on whether students must take the tests.

One thing parents should check before allowing children to boycott WASL testing, is their attendance record.  Make sure you and your child understand any negative consequences of absences during testing. 

If you find that absences may affect your child's grades or school record, I would encourage you to find other means to protest the WASL.

Email me if you are going to participate in the WASL boycott or have other ideas for protesting the WASL email me at

Paper Regarding Both Sides Of The WASL Debate To Be Posted Soon!

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Mothers Against the WASL